Prairie girl, half Mennonite and half Icelandic.

My name is Jennifer Doerksen and I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am currently studying Creative Communications at Red River College to fulfill my dreams of being a writer, a journalist and an overall compassionate human being. The city of Winnipeg has proven to be my biggest inspiration. Underrated, overworked, fuelled by a jubilant youth and expansive art culture, the scars that Winnipeg show look more to me like stretch marks. Our communities have grown strong in some places. Others still have room for growth, and here I would like to contribute. For those unheard, the average Winnipeger, this is the soapbox. What makes Winnipeg great, unsafe or exciting, are the people here. We have a story to tell, and that is of the Winnipeg life.

This blog will feature personal anecdotes from people around the city. Some will be serious, some silly, but all found within this space.

As the author, this gives me opportunities to work on my self confidence, my ability to respectfully approach and engage strangers and a chance to get to know the world around me.

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