Age 22. Resides in Winnipeg, MB.

Some names have been changed for safety’s sake.

I have known Anonymous personally for many years. We don’t spend a lot of time together anymore, but they’re quite a person to know.

We grew up on the same block. We parted ways during high school, though, and they found a community in the city I have yet to party with. They sure do party, though.

I think this was on Halloween of 2013. It started at Fame.

We’re at Fame, with the drag queens, partying, everyone’s passing around poppers and shit, and we ended up meeting up with Patricia Abney. 

Patricia was a popular drag queen with a touring drag show that happened to be in Winnipeg. We ended up going to this salon party, with Patricia, and everyone was doing cocaine. And it was pretty interesting. There was this really fucked up guy who was trying to sell everybody Ketamine. He kept telling people how you should always say “madam” on the phone… So that was my party with Patricia Abney.”

This was at a salon in the city.

“This wasn’t just a regular salon, this was a salon that was also a house where the people worked. Like they lived there, as well.

We didn’t leave that party till like 7 a.m.

There was this really weird drunk guy there who was filming us when we were sitting on the couch. He was hiding behind a doorframe filming us and we were like “what the fuck why’re you filming us?” and we confronted him about it and he’s just said “I’m not filming you…” and we’re like “yes you are, we can see you…”

That was weird.

There was another time there was a medium there. She said to this other woman that was there “Who’s got a baby in the bathroom?” and this woman starting crying, she was like middle aged. She knew this woman was a medium and apparently her baby had died. It was this ghost of this baby, and the woman who was the medium didn’t know and had said this because she was drunk or whatever. So then she’s like “Oh my God ooooh my God I’m soooo sorry.” and it was so awkward. It was the most awkward thing that has ever happened at a party.”

The salon sounded like a mixed back when it came to party favours. I mean, I never went to the salon, and I think I’m okay with that. But I don’t doubt it would be an exhilarating and probably welcoming experience, otherwise. Despite the potential for weird shit to happen.

“Salon parties happened a lot.”

It’s worth noting that Fame offers a safe, inclusive space for all LGBTTQ* community members, and friends of who want to enjoy spending time in a welcoming and fun environment. The stuff at the salon stays at the salon — and enjoyment, fun, meeting new people and finding a community that suits more individual or unique identities can happen at Fame.

Check out the website for events


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