Age 33. Resides in Winnipeg, MB.

Matt’s lived in Winnipeg his entire life. He says he likes it here, mostly because of the people, but also because it’s cheap. But there are other cities he loves to visit.

“Berlin is my all-time favourite city. Been there three times. London I’m quite fond of. Been there twice. And New York is pretty cool.” 

I asked why Berlin?

“I did my degree in history and there as a big degree of German history in that, so I just love the history. On top of that, it’s just a really cool city. It’s got this great juxtaposition of like old and modern architecture. Yet it works. Usually when you try to contrast two eras and styles it kinda looks ugly, but in Berlin for some reason it works. The people are really nice in Germany.” 

But even during his travels, Winnipeg snuck up on him.

I took a film course with Guy Madden, who is famous for making a film called My Winnipeg, and he’s a much more critically acclaimed director than a lot of people think. Roger Ebert, most famous film critic of all time put My Winnipeg on his top 10 movies of the decade list. Anyway I took a course with him, got to know Guy Madden, and then when I was in Paris there was actually a museum holding an exhibit about My Winnipeg. So when I was in Paris I went to this exhibit to learn about Winnipeg, which I thought was kind of funny.

It was kind of emotional, but only because I had been away for a couple months at that point. But it was also neat to just say to the exhibitors, “I’m from Winnipeg.” They were like, “holy smokes, we have barely seen any of you. Sounds like such a cool place.””

So it’s like, I leave Winnipeg, go to Paris, France, and go to an exhibit about Winnipeg.”

My Winnipeg has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomotoes. Ebert gave it a 4/4. I guess I will have to watch it.

Matthew said he was proud to turn up as a Winnipegger in this museum in Paris, the same city as the Mona Lisa, at an exhibit on his home city. He recognizes Winnipeg’s unique art scene.

I love Winnipeg film culture and I love Winnipeg arts culture in general. I feel like I need to get more involved in it, to tell you the truth. There really is a very thick and dense arts world.”

Matthew’s currently branching out into writers groups and the local creative scene here. He also knows a lot of local bands. He attends the Winnipeg Writers Festival each year, linked here:

We also have a writers guild in town:

And collective (which has a cash prize contest up right now!):


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