Happy Holidays

Dear Winnipeg,

I hope the holiday season brings you light and love amongst whatever reality exists in your life.

I just want to remind you that this blog is an ongoing project that may take years to come into the shape I initially imagined for it.

Also, I haven’t been or won’t be updating during the holidays.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for patience.


Light and love,




Age 22. Resides in Winnipeg, MB.

Paul’s the type that always has a joke but knows when it’s best to not say. But sometimes he’ll say it prefaced with the fact he knows he probably shouldn’t say it.

Adorable, Paul.

He told me a story that sounded less than funny, though. It started at a party, where his friends were looking for a drug dealer. They had no luck, but stayed at the party for a while anyways. Paul had bought some beer, but gave it all away because he wasn’t comfortable drinking around a bunch of strangers. He left the party fairly early, around midnight, and that’s when his story begins.

I just walked by myself because my friends probably stayed for a while longer. I see this woman on the other side of the road. This is around Chestnut Street. By the grocery store. I see this girl kinda like stumbling. So I think oh okay she’s drunk, it’s a weekend night, whatever. By the time I passed her a bit I hear keys rustling and she had dropped her keys. And it takes like 20 seconds to pick up her keys. So I hope she’s not driving. So I’m gonna ask if she needs directions. 

So I ask “do you need directions” She says yes and immediately started across the road towards me. 

I can’t remember the specifics of the conversation that much, I just remember me asking her where she’s headed, and she said “home”. So I asked if she meant home street and she said yes. So we started walking towards Home Street.

So they whole time she was trying to tell a story of what happened because I was wondering if she was alright.

Drunk people can be sad for a million reasons though so I wasn’t really looking into it

So we get to around Nora, and she’s asked me to link arms around her, and so I agree to do it. She kept asking me why I was headed home on a Saturday, very typical drunk person conversation. She kept kind of explaining that she probably got into an argument with somebody – which I paid little mind to — I just wanted to get her where she needed to go. I asked her what the house number is so I can get her to the house and go home

And then a moped is driving by somewhat slowly, then starts teetering, swerving to the wrong side of the road. And just kind of ditches the moped, gets off with purpose and starts walking with purpose towards me and this girl. He stopped three meters ahead of us, and is now starting towards us.

Maybe he’s concerned about what is maybe his girlfriend walking off with some guy, but he was drunk and he started towards me with this person who is probably his girlfriend.

So I started just saying “no no no.” I couldn’t form sentences very well. I think he was saying things like what he was gonna do like I’m gonna kick your ass. And his girlfriends like “no stop!”, getting in front of him. And he pushes her out of the way, she falls down and then he trips over her. 

That gave me the chance to run north down Canora Street to my friend Keegan’s house. I just sprinted as fast as I could and he couldn’t run a straight line. I ran onto Keegan’s porch and hid on these rails. If you were sober you would have seen someone hiding between those rails.

And I just hear this guy screaming at his girlfriend for 5 minutes at least. and I’m just hiding between these almost transparent fence poles frightened out of his mind hoping he didn’t see where I went. He gets on his moped and starts revving and speeds down Canora, screaming, “I’m gonna fucking kill you!” But he missed me. and I had that moment of relief when I realized he passed me. I went over beside the house between the neighbours house and called my brother. He told me to call the police, but I figured they didn’t do anything. So I just waited with a neighbour until my brother came.”

If there is a moral, it’s to be careful with your good intentions. And you don’t always have to drink!

There are safe walk programs for students at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. They can be contacted at:

University of Winnipeg: SafeWalk (204.786.9272) safewalk@theuwsa.ca

Red River College: http://blogs.rrc.ca/safety/about/safewalk/